The Pursuit of Prime

Maximize your company's success with the Adizes program

The Pursuit of Prime

Maximize your company's success with the Adizes program

About the book

Few people really understand how important and powerful lifecycle concepts are for leaders of organizations. Whether you are in a start up, in a rapidly growing company, in a company that is professionalizing, in company that has "made it", or in a company that is losing ground in the marketplace - lifecycle concepts help you lead your organization back to the sweet spot with the biggest of big-picture views of where you are going and where you need to go.

There are many lifecycle theorists in the academy, but in the real world of working leaders and managers, no-one even comes close to offering such a solid and useful working understanding of corporate lifecycles as Ichak Adizes. You simply won't get this perspective on your organization from any other source.

The conceptual foundations of the Adizes Methodology do include a lot of interesting core concepts.

The book that gives the fullest account of how core Adizes concepts apply to lifecycle management is Dr. Adizes's Managing Corporate Lifecycles. The Pursuit of Prime is much shorter and more accessible, and a great introduction to some of the core ideas. In fact, if you read this book first, you'll find Managing Corporate Lifecycles much easier and more accessible. So if you have heard rumours about this "Adizes" stuff, and you are looking for a place to start, this would be a good choice.

If you want an edge in the business world as a big-picture thinker, Adizes is one of the frameworks you'll want to have mastered! It will give you a perspective on leadership that nothing else can.

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About the author

Ichak Adizes - one of the world's leading management experts and an internationally best-selling author. He has written 27 books, translated into a combined total of over 31 languages. His book Corporate Lifecycles, (expanded and republished as Managing Corporate Lifecycles) was named one of the Top Ten Best Business Books by Library Journal.

Dr. Adizes taught at Columbia University, UCLA and was a visiting professor at Stanford, Tel Aviv, and Hebrew Universities. He also served as Dean of the Adizes Graduate School and is currently an academic advisor to the Russian Federation's Academy of National Economy. 
Over 48 years, he has developed and refined a methodology that enables corporations, governments, and organizations to accomplish exceptional results. Leadership Excellence Journal named him one of the Top 30 Thought Leaders in the United States, and Executive Excellence Journal put him on their list of the Top 30 Consultants in America.

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The Pursuit of Prime

Maximize your company's success with the Adizes program

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