How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere

The secrets of good communication

How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere

The secrets of good communication

About the book

You will be fascinated with this book from the very first page. You begin to trust the author right then and there. He conducted over 60,000 interviews during his career as a journalist. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Frank Sinatra, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other world famous guests were on his extremely popular talk show ‘Larry King Live’. In the book, the famous TV host simply talks to all of us. Honestly. With no trace of haughtiness. Spilling all the beans about his success and offering advice for any occasion, from family dinners to fancy parties.

Due to Larry King, you will get acquainted with different types of communication and all kinds of informative and educational stories. You will learn how to get into any conversation with confidence. And you will know what would be best to avoid.

The author is actually sincere with his readers. Going through typical mistakes, he recollects his failures and helps us to avoid them altogether.

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About the authors

Bill Gilbert is a former reporter for The Washington Post. He is a skilled writer, editor and press secretary. He served for four years at the USAF, two and a half during the Korean War. He wrote more than 20 books. Mostly in collaborative writing with politicians, popular presenters and basketball stars. ‘How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere’ in particular. He is an experienced and beloved guest on the radio and TV shows, where he entertains his audience with all kinds of stories concerning drama, humor, inspiration, courage and patriotism.

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Larry King is an American television and radio host, whose work has been recognized with awards including two Peabodys, an Emmy award, and 10 Cable ACE Awards.

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