Kamasutra for speaker

10 chapters on how to receive and give maximum pleasure, speaking in public

Камасутра для оратора

10 глав о том, как получать и доставлять максимальное удовольствие, выступая публично

About the book

"Tomorrow you will say to this idea at the meeting with customers" ...

"Go out to them and explain why we can not raise the salary" ...

"I remind you, tomorrow you come out on the board of directors ..."

"And now we ask the podium chief of the transport department!"

A chill runs over the goal? No wonder! Public speaking - a nightmare for most people, regardless of gender, age and experience. Before the show we toil, losing sleep and rest, then we feel relieved at best, and at worst - a disgrace.

But you can not just stop being afraid of public speaking, but also to receive from them a real pleasure! It argues a prominent Russian business coach Radislav Gandapas, and it is this he successfully taught for over a decade.

This book will teach the art of love - love for the performances, and the ability to share with the audience his energy and draw strength and joy in communion with her.

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About the author

Radislav Gandapas born June 17, 1967 in Kuibyshev.

With 5 years he lived in Odessa.

In 1991 he graduated from the Philological Faculty of Odessa State University.

In the same year he became a teacher of the Russian language in high school number 28.

From 1994 to 2000 - deputy director of the Odessa House of Scientists. There's also organized a training center, who conducted the training in basic business disciplines. The training center, in particular, engaged in business conduct trainings and seminars.

In 2000, together with friends he opened a company that went bankrupt within 6 months.

In 2001 he moved to Moscow, where he began his career as a trainer of personal growth under the leadership of Alexander Sviyasha.

In 2004 he founded with Irina Kireeva company "Academy of oratory", where he began to work the business coach public speaking (now - Oratorika). Since 2008 - he is holding a series of workshops "Job Title - Business Coach."

Since 2009 - the leading talk show "Citizens" on the TV channel "Capital". Also participating in television programs on RBC TV channel, RTR, TNT, REN TV, Channel 1, NTV and others. C 2012 operates independently and is expanding its range of training

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