Write here, write now

Write here, write now

About the book

In what promises to be a debut success, Lee and LaRue entice their readers to become writers, artists, collectors, makers, doers, and explorers. With this book, young readers become wordsmiths, creating short stories, poems, and rhymes. They doodle, color, and draw. They decorate postcards, explore their handwriting, and collect found objects for show and tell. They ask deep questions, wonder about their younger selves, and write letters to their future selves. They play games, help friends, explore their superhero powers, and become outright daydreamers.


About the authors

Nicole LaRue is a graphic designer and illustrator whose own adventures have taken her across the world from California to South Korea to Japan and more. Now residing in Southern New Hampshire, she spends her days drawing, brainstorming and designing (with occasional breaks to play with her rad little abyssinian cat, Moshi).

Naomi Davis Lee is an author, a professor, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, and a moderately hopeful optimist. She writes children's books and loves to inspire others (especially young "others") to make, to do, to write.

She writes to become a more critical thinker, to live a more intentional life, to develop an eye for meaningful things, to connect with others and connect them with each other, and to extoll the virtues of swell things, nifty places, and capital ideas.


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  • Cover: soft
  • Size: 191х230 мм
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Paper type: offset
  • ISBN: 978-617-577-222-5