Your story is your power

Free your feminine voice

Your story is your power

Free your feminine voice

About the book

What is at the heart of your story?

Follow the prompts, tools, questions, and advice through a labyrinth of self-discovery to reach the center of your voice, your power, your truth. And then learn how to share that story—and all of your Feminine Power—with a world that needs to hear it.

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About the authors

Elle Luna paints, designs, and writes.

She also runs a textile venture, the Bulan Project, a collaboration between designers and master batik artists in Bali, and has previously worked as a designer at IDEO and with startups including Mailbox, Medium, and Uber.

She speaks to groups around the world, sharing the story of her recently-released book “The Crossroads of Should and Must,” and lives in San Francisco.

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Susie Herrick is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California, a past academic department chair (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University), mediator, consultant, writer, and presenter/speaker.

She has taught thousands of individuals: counseling psychology at the graduate level (ITP, Santa Clara University), as well as consulting & training on various topics, notably the Enneagram personality system and conflict resolution & mediation, at various institutions and corporations, such as Stanford Law, Dropbox, Google, and San Quentin State Prison.

Currently, she has a private practice in Palo Alto and is speaking about her two recent books, Aphrodite Emerges and Your Story Is Your Power, the latter co-authored with Elle Luna, both focused on freeing the feminine voice and intelligence that we all possess, men & women alike.

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Your story is your power

Free your feminine voice

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