Seize the moment - it's all yours


Seize the moment - it's all yours

About the book

A new book by Eric Larssena the release of "matrix"

Dalai Lama XIV once asked what his greatest surprise. He said: "Man. At first she donates their health to make money. Then she spends money to restore health. At the same time she is concerned about his future, never enjoying the present. As a result, she does not live neither in the present nor in the future. She lives as if never die, and dying, regretted that not lived. "

This same idea was the basis of the new book by Norwegian coach Eric Bertrand personal development Larssena "Now," and as a man whose profession - to help others improve, he, of course, not limited to a statement of the problem, and suggested ways to address it.

Method Bertrand

"Now!" - This is the final part of the "zhyttyezminyuyuchoyi" trilogy author. If the first two books (they were consolidated in a new version called "Hell Week", published in September), he answers the question "What?" And "How to do" to achieve success, it concentrates in the third on the way, going to the cherished goal, to enjoy life. It is for all those who have long wanted to start a new life "the first day" and just become a little happier.

Each part is self-sufficient and can be read separately, with the benefit of it becomes less. But together they provide the most complete picture of the "method of Bertrand" development which former spetspryznachenets and later a business coach who has worked with top managers (including companies such as Microsoft and Statoil) and Olympic champion, spent nearly a decade. Together these books, in fact, trigger a chain reaction. After all, to make positive changes in order to proceed according to plan, despite many difficulties, to change for the better external circumstances should change from within, find themselves in inner strength that will give a sense of harmony, tranquility and enjoying every moment of existence.

The power and presence

Larssen confident that the strength of mind can be trained as well as the body. He singled out eight essential qualities and the same features, which need to get rid of inner strength to increase, and this book tells how to do it. Eventually acquired inner strength helps get rid of stress, anxiety and constant concern problems everyday chores and obligations. In combination with the described Larssenom uncomplicated but truly useful and effective methods "return to reality", time management, concentration on the moment, this force will ensure the "effect of presence" in his own life and his complete control.

The author compares the life of the river (it rough, then calm) flow which carries most of us back on track. We are trying the best to swim, paddle hard when the flow is too strong, rather than to get ashore and lay their own route. While this is possible, and Larssen provides all the necessary tools.

After reading this book, you can learn to live "here and now" and not the past or future, that live in the present. "Now!" - It is a book-meditation, which largely echoes the Buddhist philosophy. It shows Larssen out the "wheel of samsara," in which we spin like proteins and invites you to a fascinating journey real life. Welcome to the real world!

"Often chosen are the top most reliable small, almost imperceptible steps - all the small decisions issued individually insignificant, but the amount of weigh infinitely many. Sometimes, instead of doing complex, sweeping skating steps and dream of lightning ascent, we should start from the fact that lead can lead even the smallest movements. Do not climb up, of course, not an option. Lower hands and hope that she will make the current where to - thank you, we have a pass. It is not for us. You have decided to get out of the river. I just want to remind you that the secret is in the hundreds of decisions we make every day. "

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About the author

Erik Bertrand Larssen - Norwegian author and trainer in personal growth. Both of his books have become bestsellers and have been translated into many languages. The total circulation of his first book in Norway was 223 000 copies - that is almost one per every 20 people.

Eric - one of the most popular motivational speakers in Norway. He served as a paratrooper in the Norwegian special forces have been in Afghanistan and in the Balkans, he has collaborated with the British Special Forces and American "sea lions".

After serving Larssen graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business and studied HR and business development for several companies, and then founded his own - Bertrand Ltd. Among its customers - leading Norwegian athletes, including golf champion of the world.

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