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The publishing house "Monolith" was founded in Dnipro in 2009 and for a long time it specialized in producing a variety of literature for motorists. Useful books of high quality have brought us recognition and prestige. And in 2016 we decided to master a new direction — business literature, because we believe that these books can truly improve the quality of life in our country. We moved from operating instructions for the machines to the "operating instructions" for ourselves. Since then, we have been producing self-help books of quality designed to help everyone change their lives for better, make dreams come true and become a little happier.

"Monolith-Bizz" is about books by both foreign and Ukrainian authors which are dedicated to personal growth, leadership, oratory, business, management and many other subjects. In these books, well-known leaders, business coaches, psychologists, entrepreneurs and public speakers share their secrets of success and personal experiences, as well as give us some useful advice. In turn, we take full responsibility for the quality of translations, editing and proofreading to make the books pleasant to read. We are willing to select the most interesting authors. At the same time, we plan not only to publish those authors who are well-known both abroad and in Ukraine, but also bring new names to our readers. We carefully select translators, editors and proofreaders and pay increased attention to artistic and technical design of each publication to ensure that the books are enjoyable to hold, while both authors and readers are pleased not only with the content but also with the form.

And most importantly: we like what we do! Our young ambitious team sees its main task in publishing the books, which give our readers the answers to their questions of interest and suggest the ways to solve their problems, reveal new opportunities and provide important and valuable practical knowledge. We want more people to read good books, so we try not only to inform the wide audience about new products and provide large-scale promotional campaigns, but also make our books as accessible as possible for Ukrainian readers. We want to make reading of good old "paper" books with still warm, ink-smelling, rustling pages popular among those for whom time is money. Books are not a luxury, but a means to an end!

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Rights manager: Nadia Chaikina

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Publishing House Monolith, LLC
PO box 126, Petra Bolbochana street, 46, A-5б, Kharkiv, 61093, Ukraine